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Care Ministry

Welcome to the Palmetto Baptist Church "Care Ministry." At PBC we understand that living the Christian life has its challenges. We know this because we are all a work in progress and experience various life circumstances that are not what we expected. It is our desire at PBC to provide Christ-like compassion to those in need of hope both in our membership and around our community.

Come - Grow - Connect - Go

Christ Centered

The most effective counsel one can receive is the counsel that guides a person to become like Christ.


Don't suffer alone, let us help!  

FREE Biblical Counseling!

Biblically Saturated

2 TIMOTHY 3:16-17
The SCRIPTURE is completely SUFFICIENT to guide believers toward a right RELATIONSHIP with GOD and OTHERS.   

Community Minded

The "Care Ministry" of Palmetto Baptist Church desires to help those HURTING within our community. We understand that HOPELESSNESS is often followed by feeling HELPLESS. Our "Care Ministry" seeks to help you get from where you are to where God wants you to be.   

Church Focused

PBC "Care Ministry" believes in the centrality of the local church.  Therefore, it is our desire to connect those in need with other believers who will provide encouragement and accountability along the Christian journey.   

Organizationally Connected

The "Care Ministry" is connected with other national organizations like ACBC and the Biblical Counseling Alliance.   

Director of Discipleship/Counseling 

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Josh Stephens
Pastorof Discipleship & Outreach
ACBC Certified & ABC Certified

Prior to joining Palmetto Baptist Church Josh served as Lead Pastor of Community Baptist Church in Minnesota for 5 years, as well as 12 years as Associate Pastor prior to becoming the lead pastor. Josh is the Founder/Executive Director of the Biblical Counseling Alliance which serves to produce resources and online instruction in the area of Biblical Discipleship/Counseling. Josh is a certified Biblical Counselor through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and Association of Biblical Counseling.

Josh is finishing a Doctor of Ministries degree in Biblical Counseling from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also holds an Masters in Biblical Counseling and an Master of Divinity from Central Baptist Theological Seminary.

Josh and His wife, Michelle have been married for 19 years and blessed with five wonderful children. (3 Girls, 2 Boys)